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Sunday, 19 September 2010

herod layne - absentia

                                  Brazilian post-rock band Herod Layne releases work on loss
"Absentia is an album about loss", explains guitarist Sachalf. "We have been through some personal issues recently,
and these feelings were invariably absorbed in the compositions", he adds. "Although we are mostly an instrumental
band, we tried to express these feelings through the music", says drummer Johnny. Such feelings might
have been expressed in the proper structure on the songs, as the album features light ambient tracks together with
heavier accents. "We love extremities", says bassist Elson. "Therefore, we wrote songs like 'Drug-Induced Inertia'
which is more guitar-oriented, and 'Absentia', which is like a mantra based on guitar effects", he completes. The
album also contains long crescendo tracks the band has been acknowledged for, together with "300-Megaton Lullaby",
which features unexpected vocals. "The song was originally instrumental, but we wrote some words and a
vocal line and saw they might fit in", explains Sachalf.

Herod Layne is a post-rock instrumental band formed by Sachalf (guitars), Elson (bass, guitars), Lippaus (guitars)
and Johnny (drums). In 2007 the band took part in the David Gilmour's "Arnold Layne" worldwide online contest,
and was ranked among the top ten best versions for Syd Barrett's 1967 song. 2008 saw the release of In Between
Dust Conditions album and the Walking The Valley EP by the net label Sinewave. In 2009 the band released a new
EP - Sealand Fire, also by Sinewave -, and made a small tour in Canada, playing at the Canadian Music Week festival.
The tour was followed by the documentary "Je Me Souviens...", directed by guitarist Sachalf. The band also
played at various festivals in Brazil throughout the year - Festival Calango in Cuiabá, the two Sinewave Festivals in
São Paulo, and Festival Extravaganza in Sorocaba.