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Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Vindictives

The Vindictives were a Chicago-based punk rock underground group during the 1990s. They were heavily-influenced by the Ramones. Joey Vindicitive's characteristic nasal melodies often told the story of alienation, psychosis, social-ills, and continually rejected rules of politeness. The lyrics were often intelligent outrages communicated through intentionally immature self-defeating soliloquies. They began their career in 1991 and end up on July of 1996. (wiki)


  1. Χαβαλεδιάρηδες.
    LOL για το πρώτο βιντεο. 50'ς b-movie.

  2. Ακριβως αυτο ηταν και το νοημα του post Doc. Endless Havales.