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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mick Harvey - Sketches From The Book Of The Dead (2011)

Τα γνωστά Famous γενικόλογα, όμορφα κι αφηρημένα λόγια περισσεύουν όταν καλούνται να μιλήσουν για τέτοια μεγέθη,
σουτ σουτ σσσσσσ.................Mick Harvey is here.....

01. October Boy
02. The Ballad Of Jay Givens
03. Two Paintings
04. Rhymeless
05. Frankie T And Frankie C
06. A Place Called Passion
07. To Each His Own
09. Thats All Paul
10. How Would I Leave You
11. Famous Last Words