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Monday, 4 May 2015

the Morning Sons

 Μου είχε αρέσει (γιατί άραγε?) το Demos & Demons κι αναρωτιόμουν πως θα είναι κι αν θα υπάρξει κανονική κυκλοφορία. Το πρώτο δείγμα ήρθε πρόσφατα με τους Morning Sons να τρέχουν ξυπόλητοι σε σπασμένα μπουκάλια, φαντάζομαι τοπικών αλκοολούχων παρασκευασμάτων και όχι φθηνής μπύρας σαν μερικούς μερικούς ακατονόμαστους.
 Απ' ότι λένε συνδυάζουν τις προτιμήσεις τους για τον Hank Williams, με Bauhaus, Devo, Joy Division και Μπανάνες..WTF ?



  1. As night comes and the activities of the day slowly fade away to rest and leisure we have the time to contemplate the meaning and purpose of our life contrasted against the harsh reality of the day to day life sucking tasks we have to perform just to survive. Life was meant to be more that just survival. One- third granted should be labor and work to sustain us and the world. One-third should be rest and recuperation from that labor. The last third should be living, loving and laughing enjoying the gifts all around us and helping our fellow man enjoy his gifts also. As a culture we have lost the most important one-third---living, loving and laughing. The poor and middle class are forced to consume two-thirds just to exist while the rich often driven by greed choose to utilize two-thirds to conquer and control. No two days should ever be the same and every day start with The Morning Sons. by William Dellaroy Cooshaw

  2. dear anon

    Should we change the blog's moto about tobacco, bourbon and music to living, loving and laughing or it's more or less the same? :-)
    Thanx for beautiful comment anyway. By the way , who is W.D. Cooshaw ?

  3. Who is William Dellaroy Cooshaw? A thinker of deep thoughts,, doer of good deeds, lover, friend, traveler, combat veteran, coal miner, railroad worker, factory worker, carpenter, landscape architect, farmer, builder, animal rights activist\rescuer , husband, father, whose life has truly been a tapestry of rich and royal hue.

  4. Visual perception is often an illusion as vague as political or religious perception. You see what YOU see; You believe what You believe so why discuss it to the point of arguing. We should not feel we have to convince or force someone else to see or believe as we do. Here is what I see, here is what I believe. Like it or not ;Take it and contemplate it. If sharing my perception changes your perception solely because I gave you a different perspective, then good. William DellaRoy Cooshaw

  5. Nice post!

    By the way, I noticed you are a fan of Tanino Liberatore so you might enjoy checking out my blog:

    1. How could I resist to a blog that deals with my "creator" LOL.
      Already checked and followed Arion and I'll take a closer look the next days.
      Thanx for stopping by at ours.